Persistent Myths About Dental Health That Have Been Debunked

The truth matters – especially when it comes to health. 

After all, your health is such an important aspect of your life. If it’s compromised or placed in a risk in any way, it could alter your life and the way you live in major ways.

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Unfortunately, the truth isn’t always accepted or prevailed. There are a lot of myths that people believe in even though they are so far from the truth that you wonder why they even exist in the first place.

But the reality is that myths are out there and can screw up people’s perspectives in major ways. And when it comes to dental health, there are also a lot of myths that persist. That’s obviously a problem because once you believe those myths, it can only lead to dental health problems later on.

Let’s look at some of the most persistent myths from Prime Dental Grand Prairie about dental health that have been debunked.

MYTH #1 – Dental Health Does Not Impact Overall Health

A long-standing myth about dental health is that it doesn’t impact your overall health. The thing about dental health is that it’s actually a good indicator of the overall health of an individual. Poor dental health increases the risk of diseases for other areas of the body. And it’s caused by poor dental hygiene. For example, the risk of heart disease is increased by moderate to advanced gum disease.

MYTH #2 – Tooth Decay Is Only Caused by Consuming Sugar

Another myth is that tooth decay is only caused by the consumption of sugar. It’s another myth that has been debunked. Although of course, it’s true that having too much sugar in your diet can cause or at least increase the risk of tooth decay. The truth is that you can still be at risk of tooth decay even if you don’t have plenty of sugar in your diet. If you don’t brush or floss regularly, those risks definitely increase.

MYTH #3 – Diet Drinks are Good for You

Some people believe that diet drinks are good, when in fact it isn’t. There are actually two things in diet drinks that aren’t good for you. One is the sugar that it contains and the other is the acidity of the diet drink. Consumption of diet drinks can cause damage to the enamel over time and lead to increased sensitivity or even something as bad as tooth loss. If you want to quench your thirst, nothing beats water.

MYTH #4 – The Whiter the Teeth, The Healthier It Is

A lot of people like the look of white teeth and it does look nice. But just because it looks white doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The notion that the whiter the teeth the healthier it is is most certainly a myth that needs to be debunked. As people age, the natural color of teeth varies in their lightness. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have white teeth you can afford to miss making a visit to the dentist.

These are definitely persistent myths about dental health that have been debunked already. There are still other myths that still need debunking although something as simple as making regular visits to your dentist is already a great start.

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